Party Play Time

Ride-on Toys & Games to hire for 2-5 Yr olds



Age range: from 2 years


Parachute. Supplied with 5 play balls and 4 beanbag frogs and Games instructions

Bring excitement and something new to children’s’ party activities. A wide variety of different games can be played as well as ball games The parachute is made from a light nylon material of the type used for real parachutes. There are 12 handholds along the edge, and a 6mm round cord sewn around the edge of the whole parachute which gives excellent grip for an alternative method of holding the parachute. Size: 3.5m diameter.


Floating Ball.  Provides hours of fun for all ages.  Simply inflate using warm air (from a hairdryer and allow the ball to be passed through the air.  1m diameter.


see pictures here: Party Bag.pdf



Age range: from 3 years.


Egg & Spoon Race.  The old classic made funky!  Brightly coloured spoons, each with a matching eggshell which cracks open to reveal a beanbag ‘yolk’.  Age: from 3 years. 6 spoons supplied. 


Bean Bags.  Set of 8 brightly coloured bags. Ideal for throwing, catching and balancing games. Age: from 2 years.


Skittles Set.  6 skittles and 2 balls.  Ideal indoors/or out. Great for hand-eye co-ordination and counting skills.  Use the Roller Coaster as a rolling track to aim and roll the ball down to the skittles!  Age: from 2 years.  


Kangaroo Sack Racing Set.  Bounce and jump like a kangaroo.  These heavy duty vinyl sacks with durable nylon grip handles are the ideal addition for party days.  Measureing 60 cm high with a 30cm diameter bace, these brightly coloured sacks are available as a set of 6, one of each colour red, blue, green purple and orange.


Marker/safety Cones.  Durable, bright orange, plastic, safety cones which will collapse on impact.  Ideal for marking out play areas or courses for games. 


see pictures here: Games Bag.pdf



Age range: from 3 years


Bungee Jumpers, 2 supplied.  Bounce, bounce! A soft, squeaky pogo for indoor/outdoor fun.  Helps improve balance and motor skills.


Rhythm Wands and Hoops. 4 of each supplied.  The girls love this one! Jump twirl and dance to create beautiful swirls in the air.  The brightly coloured rhythm wand has ribbon attached by a swivel at the end of the handle to add visual impact. Ideal for dance/movement activities and promoting artistic expression .


Hula Hoops, 6 supplied.  Coloured hula hoops. Ideal for party games (place on the ground a ‘home’ for musical elimination games) Hoop races, dancing, skipping. 


Flower Pot Stilts, 2 pairs supplied. Walk tall on these kid sized stilts.  A great way to improve co-ordination and balance.   


Party Ponies.  2 supplied. Cute, bouncy ride-on inflatable 'ponies' for bouncing and rolling about on!.  Try racing them!  Set out the safety cones to create a racecourse!


See pictures here: Fun Bag.pdf